Munro Dana
Keep up, operate and try to manage (zoom/focus/frame 48)

SD Video
3 min 24 sec
Edition of 48

100 CHF

The series Keep up, operate and try to manage (zoom/focus/frame 48), is a reworking of an earlier film, Keep up operate and try to manage. Cut into 48, 4:3 aspect ratio segments, the titles for each of the resulting sections of the film includes a reference to their location within the original film.

*Keep up, operate and try to manage / HD / 3min 24sec / 2012
Keep up, operate and try to manage is an instructional film set against an element of chance (birds) and aims to manipulate spacial perception and colour. It zooms in on an ecosystem to expose the underlying structures between man, machine, nature and perception. It consists of a set suggestive of a domestic interior filled with live birds. The camera movements are predetermined to track, pan and zoom regardless of the action within the scene. The film takes its cue from Light Field Technology. This technology may completely redefine photographic and video imaging in ways not yet imagined and change the very fundamentals of photography. LFT produces ‘living pictures’ by capturing every single ray of light from all directions in such a way that the fundamental nature of the photograph, point of view, focus, framing, depth of field can be redefined after the shot has been taken. This concept previously existed in the science fiction film Blade Runner where Deckard the investigator obtains a photograph and places it in the Esper Analysis machine which allows him to zoom in and change focus almost indefinitely to find hidden clues.